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Jimmy Vivino & the Black Italians

13 Live

13 Live
BPCD 5153
Genre: Blues
Released: 14 May 2013

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Conan O’Brien show’s Music Director and leader of the house band, Jimmy Vivino, regrouped his band of twenty-years past, The Black Italians, for an unforgettable night of music at Levon Helm’s
Woodstock studio.
Interspersing Vivino’s original songs with covers of tunes by the likes of Bob Dylan, James Brown, Traffic and Johnny Winter, the Black Italians immediately fell into a soulful, joyous groove.
A night of truly inspired music making was capped off by “Song For Levon,” written by Vivino for the occasion, and a rousing version of The Band’s “Shape I’m In.”
13 Live captures that truly unique evening in November of 2012.
  1. Fat Man (5:25)
  2. Soulful Dress (4:04)
  3. From A Buick 6 (3:01)
  4. Fast Life Rider (4:58)
  5. Fool’s Gold (5:51)
  6. Heaven In A Pontiac (3:30)
  7. Animalism (4:21)
  8. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone (4:36)
  9. Miss Mona (4:36)
  10. Maggie's Farm (5:41)
  11. Song For Levon (4:33)
  12. Shape I'm In (4:43)
This disc is no longer available to order physically.
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