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Southern Hospitality

Easy Livin'

Easy Livin
BPCD 5152
Genre: Blues
Released: 26 March 2013
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The band creating all the buzz is Southern Hospitality, comprised of lap steel guitar master Damon Fowler, guitarist extraordinaire JP Soars, and keyboard wizard Victor Wainwright. With echoes of Muscle Shoals and Macon, these dynamic young sons of Dixie draw on their rich heritage of Southern soul, blues, and rock music to create a fresh translation of Americana and Southern roots music with a modern sensibility. Easy Livin' is the band's debut recording and was produced by Louisiana luminary Tab Benoit.
  1. Southern Livin’ (4:42)
  2. Long Way Home (4:57)
  3. Kind Lies & Whiskey (5:12)
  4. Mile After Mile (2:12)
  5. Certified Lover (7:58)
  6. Fried Neck Bones and Home Fries (7:46)
  7. Shoestring Budget (3:25)
  8. Don’t Feel Like Going There Today (5:55)
  9. Come Back Home (2:50)
  10. Powered For the Mountain (5:32)
  11. Don’t Boogie Woogie (4:31)
  12. Sky Is What I Breathe (5:22)
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