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Robin Rogers


All of us here at Stony Plain Records was deeply saddened to hear the news of Robin Rogers passing away on 17 December at her home in North Carolina.

Her american record label, Blind Pig Records, graciously commented on her life and her love for music:

It is with great sadness that Blind Pig Records announces the passing of singer Robin Rogers at the age of 55. She died at her home December 17 in Gastonia, North Carolina, where she was being cared for by her husband and musical partner, Tony.

In August the talented singer and harmonica player was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Like most musicians Robin and Tony were without health insurance and depended on touring for their income. For years Robin was always ready to donate her time and performances to a good cause, so it was not surprising that there was an immediate outpouring of love and support from the blues community and her many fans. Benefits and fundraisers were held around the country to raise money for medical bills and living expenses.

Rogers was deeply moved by the support, and was also buoyed by the success and critical acclaim for her new CD, Back In The Fire, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Blues sales chart..

Blind Pig owner Jerry Del Giudice said, "Robin always struck me as someone who felt she didn't have a moment to spare. She was constantly in motion. I became aware that her artistry and her integrity were two things she would not compromise and how genuinely she cared about others in need. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly before the release of Back In The Fire. She told me that although she didn't want to carry this burden, it was hers to carry and she would do the very best she could with every moment she had left. I read a Russian proverb sometime ago that goes something like this: When you are born you cry while everyone around you laughs. If you lead a good life, when you die you laugh while everyone around you cries. I'm sure she's having a well deserved laugh. As we cry we have to remember what a wonderful laugh that was and how sorely it will be missed."

Rest in peace, Robin.

In memory. 17 June 1955 - 17 December 2010

Back In The Fire

Back In The Fire
BPCD 5138
Genre: Blues
Released: 21 September 2010

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  1. Baby Bye-Bye (5:03)
  2. Second Time Around (3:23)
  3. You Don't Know (4:53)
  4. Need Your Love So Bad (4:36)
  5. The Plan (3:45)
  6. I Know I Done Wrong (3:34)
  7. Ocean Of Tears (4:48)
  8. Don't Walk Away Run (5:57)
  9. Hittin' On Nothin' (4:05)
  10. Yesterday's Blues (3:49)
  11. What We Are Worth (3:36)
This disc is no longer available to order physically.
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Treat Me Right

Treat Me Right
BPCD 5123
Genre: Blues
Released: 26 August 2008
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  1. Treat Me Right
  2. Don't Leave Poor Me
  3. Ain't No Use
  4. Can You Hear Me Now
  5. Color-Blind Angel
  6. Promised Land
  7. Nobody Stays
  8. Drunkard's Alley
  9. Nobody's Gonna Hurt You
  10. Moan
  11. Dark Love
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