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New Guitar Summit



EDMONTON, AB – Stony Plain Records announces a July 8 release date in the U.S. for Shivers, the second album from New Guitar Summit, comprised of Jay Geils, Duke Robillard and Gerry Beaudoin. Joining this trio of stellar guitarists as special guest on Shivers is legendary Canadian rocker Randy Bachman (Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive), who adds his sparking guitar work and laid-back vocals on two Mose Allison classic songs, “Your Mind Is On Vacation” and “Everybody’s Crying Mercy.”



The critically-acclaimed New Guitar Summit’s self-titled first CD and DVD, Live from Stoneham Theatre were both released by Stony Plain in 2004. The three New England-based guitarists first began performing together in 1997, with one of their highlights coming that year when they joined the Woody Herman Orchestra as special guests in front of 5,000 fans at City Hall Plaza in Boston..


On Shivers, the three guitarists come together again to play a rousing set of vintage jazz and blues music, the kind that inspired each player to become the masters of their instruments. In addition to the two Mose Allison tunes, the band covers such classics as “Flying Home,” “Honey Suckle Rose,” “Broadway” and the title track, written by Charlie Christian and Lionel Hampton. The band also adds a jumping arrangement on the early rock ‘n’ roll/R&B chestnut, “Little Bitty Pretty One,” plus four original songs.


“It’s about amazing communication, the three of us really like and respect each other,” says Gerry Beaudoin in the album’s liner notes. “Jay and I play together every month and come up with different sets of material, and when Duke, who is so busy, gets together with us, it really is like falling off a log.”


Randy Bachman became involved in the project after he and Gerry Beaudoin met. “Randy and I crossed paths when I was selling some vintage guitars and we hit it off,” remembers Beaudoin. “When we were on our tour of Canada, we were able to record with him. Holger (Petersen) from Stony Plain Records and I both thought the two Mose tunes would be a good fit,” he adds.


Shivers was produced by Jay Geils and recorded primarily at WellSpring Sound in Acton, Massachusetts with Timm Kelleher engineering.


SPCD 1328
Genre: Blues
Released: 10 June 2008
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  1. Little Bitty Pretty One (Listen to mp3 clip)
  2. Flying Home
  3. Your Mind Is On Vacation wtih Randy Bachman
  4. Shivers
  5. Blue Sunset (Listen to mp3 clip)
  6. Broadway
  7. Everybody's Crying Mercy with Randy Bachman
  8. Jim Jam (Listen to mp3 clip)
  9. Honey Suckle Rose
  10. Wellspring Blues
  11. Mediterranean Nights
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Live From Stoneham Theatre DVD

Live From Stoneham Theatre DVD
SPDVD 1302
Genre: Jazz/Blues
Released: 26 October 2004
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  1. Broadway
  2. Swingin' With Dr. Jake
  3. Ain't Nobodys Business
  4. Glide On
  5. Seven Come Eleven
  6. Lonely Boy Blues
  7. Flying Home
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New Guitar Summit

New Guitar Summit
SPCD 1301
Genre: Jazz/Blues
Released: 24 August 2004
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  1. Bennies Bugle (Listen to mp3 clip)
  2. Never Say Never Again
  3. Swing With Dr. Jake
  4. Aint' Nobody's Business
  5. Lady B. Good
  6. Azzure Mineur
  7. Just Among Friends
  8. Perdido
  9. Backdoor Blues
  10. Seven Come Eleven
  11. Glide On
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