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Ronnie Earl


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Stony Plain Records announces a September 9 release date for Maxwell Street, the new CD from three-time Blues Music Award winner as “Guitarist of the Year,” Ronnie Earl and his band, the Broadcasters.

Maxwell Street is named in honour of the late blues pianist and previous member of the Broadcasters, David Maxwell, and is also a nod to Chicago’s famed Maxwell Street, where blues musicians gathered to play outside for the Sunday market crowds.

Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters are: Ronnie Earl – guitar; Lorne Entress – drums; Dave Limina – piano and Hammond B3 organ; Jim Mouradian – bass; and Diane Blue – vocals. Special guest guitarist on the album is Nicholas Tabarias. Maxwell Street was produced by Ronnie Earl and recorded at Wellspring Studios in Acton, Massachusetts, and Wooly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, Mass. Ronnie formed his band, the Broadcasters, in 1988.

“This album is dedicated to my big brother David Maxwell,” says Ronnie Earl. “We were born on the same day ten years apart. His playing was as deep as the ocean, as high as the sky and as bright as a quasar. When he passed, I felt a huge loss as I still do. David was a Broadcaster and he and I made a few records together. It was always a supreme honor to play with him. He played blues as well as jazz with incredible expression from Otis Spann to Cecil Taylor. He knew and loved it all. He became Otis Spann in the later years. Our pianist David Limina wrote a tune (“Elegy for a Bluesman”) that captures the feeling of the album and we all send our love and respect to David’s family and all of our love and gratitude for David Maxwell.”

Maxwell Street showcases 10 tracks, including six originals, plus exciting covers of songs by Otis Rush (one of Ronnie’s main musical mentors), “Double Trouble;” Gladys Knight, “(I’ve Got to Use My) Imagination;” Eddy Arnold, “You Don’t Know Me;” and the blues/soul chestnut, “As the Years Go Passing By,” which closes the album.

Ronnie and the band performed a special set at the recent Chicago Blues Festival in honor of Otis Rush. In his review of that concert, DownBeat writer Jeff Johnson singled out Ronnie for praise: “Perhaps the most heartfelt expression came from the guitar of Ronnie Earl. His playing was a study in economy, yet electrifying enough to make the hairs on your neck stand on end on the seminal Rush tune, ‘Double Trouble.’”

“Ronnie Earl is one of the most sensitive, refined and exquisite guitarists on the international blues scene.” - Living Blues

Maxwell Street

Maxwell Street
SPCD 1391
Genre: Blues
Released: 9 September 2016

Ronnie Earl’s release Maxwell Street is named in honour of blues pianist and previous member of the Broadcasters David Maxwell and is a nod to Chicago’s Maxwell Street where blues musicians gathered to play outside for the Sunday market crowds.

It confirms Ronnie Earl’s status as one of the most soulful blues/soul/jazz guitarists working today.

  1. Mother Angel (5:37)
  2. Elegy For a Bluesman (5:40)
  3. In Memory of T-Bone (6:00)
  4. Kismet (6:18)
  5. Double Trouble (11:43)
  6. (I've Got To Use My) Imagination (4:19)
  7. Blues For David Maxwell (8:25)
  8. You Don't Know Me (8:03)
  9. BroJoe (4:57)
  10. As The Years Go Passing By (7:06)

Father's Day

SPCD 1385
Genre: Blues
Released: 17 July 2015

Order the 180g vinyl (with mp3 download card) from Ronnie directly (and ask for it to be signed!), your favourite local record store, or amazon.com.

Voted by The Blues Foundation as "Blues Guitarist of the Year" in 2014, guitar master Ronnie Earl and his band return with an even stronger package of music. Added to the spellbinding intensity and soulfulness of Earl's guitar, is the presence of a horn section for the first time in decades, adding another dimension to his sound. Stony Plain also plans to release the album as a vinyl LP late 2015.

The 13 tracks on Father’s Day also feature two special guest vocalists throughout: Diane Blue, whose previous work with Earl created a sensation; and Chicago-based Michael Ledbetter, best known as lead singer of the Nick Moss band. Ledbetter is also a distant relative of the iconic Huddie William “Leadbelly” Ledbetter, whose 12-string blues style has influenced generations of blues, folk and rock musicians.

  1. It Takes Time (5:00)
  2. Higher Love (4:28)
  3. Right Place Wrong Time (7:46)
  4. What Have I Done Wrong (4:47)
  5. Giving Up (6:09)
  6. Every Night About This Time (4:37)
  7. Father's Day (8:13)
  8. I Need You So Bad (4:39)
  9. I'll Take Care Of You (9:05)
  10. Follow Your Heart (4:08)
  11. Moanin' (6:24)
  12. All Your Love (7:20)
  13. Precious Lord (6:33)


Living Blues Magazine Oct/Nov Issue
By Melanie Young

"Deeply felt and beautifully executed, Ronne Earl and The Broadcasters' 'Father's Day' is an album to savor"

Good News

Good News
SPCD 1372
Genre: Blues
Released: 17 June 2014

Ronnie Earl, along with The Broadcasters his band of over 25 years, presents ''Good News,'' a mostly instrumental album of spellbinding intensity and deep soul that will satisfy his growing legion of fans who await each new release.

  1. I Met Her On That Train (4:44)
  2. Change Is Gonna Come (6:02)
  3. Time To Remember (6:10)
  4. In The Wee Hours (10:53)
  5. Good News (3:33)
  6. Six String Blessing (9:24)
  7. Marje's Melody (6:45)
  8. Blues For Henry (7:16)
  9. Puddin' Pie (4:08)
  10. Runnin' In Peace (5:59)


By Brian Cady
"With Good News, Ronnie Earl again demonstrates the musical mastery that continues to garner him both awards and accolades."

Just For Today

Just For Today
SPCD 1363
Genre: Blues
Released: 9 April 2013
An almost all-instrumental blues guitar release by one of the most acclaimed guitarists of our time. With The Broadcasters, his band of over 25 years, Ronnie's latest 'live' release shows him to be one of the most soulful blues/soul/jazz guitarists working today. He plays with spellbinding intensity and deep soul and has a legion of fans that await each new release. Ronnie is a two-time Blues Award winner as Guitarist Of The Year.
  1. The Big Train (5:26)
  2. Blues For Celie (9:32)
  3. Miracle (4:37)
  4. Heart Of Glass (6:58)
  5. Rush Hour (3:08)
  6. Vernice’s Boogie (3:32)
  7. Blues For Hubert Sumlin (8:31)
  8. Equinox (8:12)
  9. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (9:09)
  10. Robert Nighthawk Stomp (3:52)
  11. Jukein’ (4:45)
  12. I’d Rather Go Blind (6:08)
  13. Pastorale (6:06)


The Blues PowR Blog
By Mike Rick
"May just be the best instrumental blues album we've heard"

Spread The Love

Spread The Love
SPCD 1347
Genre: blues
Released: 24 August 2010
  1. Backstroke
  2. Blues For Dr. Donna (Listen to mp3 clip)
  3. Chitlins Con Carne
  4. Cristo Redentor (Listen to mp3 clip)
  5. Happy
  6. Patience
  7. Miracle
  8. Spann's Grove
  9. Skyman
  10. Blues For Slim
  11. Tommy's Midnight Blues
  12. Eleventh Step To Heaven
  13. Ethan's Song (Listen to mp3 clip)
    * free full length download *
  14. Blues For Bill


American Blues News
By Silver Michaels
Even within that impressive catalog of his, Spread The Love ranks as one of his best.

Living In The Light

Living In The Light
SPCD 1340
Genre: Blues
Released: 2 June 2009
  1. Love Love Love (8:47)
  2. S.O.S (9:04)
  3. Take A Little Walk With Me (7:34)
  4. River Charles Blues (5:46)
  5. What Can I Do For You (8:00)
  6. Recovery Blues (7:17)
  7. Blues For Fathead (3:40)
  8. Child Of A Survivor (9:28)
  9. Blues For The South Side (3:24)
  10. Ain't Nobody's Buisness (5:56)
  11. Donna Lee (5:30)
  12. Pastorale (3:47)


Toledo Blade
By T.H.
One of the more intensive, heartfelt blues albums released recently, this is a treasure deeply rooted in the soul and gospel. You'll get your soul nourished and come away with a little religion from this album, for sure.

Hope Radio Sessions DVD

Hope Radio Sessions DVD
SPDVD 1326
Genre: Blues
Released: 14 October 2008
  1. Intro (1:30)
  2. Bobby's Bop (6:01)
  3. Blues For The Homeless (8:02)
  4. Eddie's Gospel Groove (5:20)
  5. I Am With You (8:13)
  6. Kay My Dear (6:44)
  7. New Gospel Tune (4:26)
  8. Blues for Otis Rush (9:58)
  9. Blues for the West Side (8:42)
  10. Lightnin' Hopkins Thing (4:33)
  11. Interview (10:58)
  12. I Shall Not Be Moved (2:15)
    Note: This is a DVD disc, and will not work in a CD player.


The Alternate Root
By Reb Landers
With backing band The Broadcasters in tow, Earl moves through the ‘Hope Radio’ repertoire with spellbinding grace and ease even adding alternate arrangements to the set list. The intimacy of the small gathering allows Earl to shine and shine he does.

Hope Radio

Hope Radio
SPCD 1324
Genre: Blues
Released: 30 October 2007
  1. Eddie's Gospel Groove (Listen to mp3 clip) (5:07)
  2. Bobby's Bop (5:55)
  3. Blues For The West Side (8:48)
  4. I Am With You (8:15)
  5. Katrina Blues (Listen to mp3 clip) (3:35)
  6. Wolf Dance (8:07)
  7. Kay My Dear (6:39)
  8. Blues For The Homeless (8:32)
  9. Beautiful Child (Listen to mp3 clip) (8:45)
  10. Blues For Otis Rush (9:52)
  11. New Gospel Tune (4:40)


Penguin Eggs - Spring 2008
By Eric Thom
A front runner for this year's Top 10 list, Ronnie Earl has crafted one his best albums ever in Hope Radio. You'll not find a better way to spend 78 minutes. Promise.

The Duke Meets The Earl

The Duke Meets The Earl
SPCD 1303
Genre: Blues
Released: 8 March 2005
  1. West Side Shuffle (Listen to mp3 clip) (7:43)
  2. Two Bones & A Pick (Listen to mp3 clip) (8:06)
  3. My Tears (15:53)
  4. Looking For Trouble (6:42)
  5. What Have I Done Wrong (Listen to mp3 clip) (6:42)
  6. Zeb's Thing (7:27)
  7. I Need You So Bad (8:14)
  8. A Soul That's Been Abused (13:05)

Now My Soul

Now My Soul
SPCD 1298
Genre: Blues
Released: 1 June 2004
  1. Blues For J (7:10)
  2. Double Trouble (Listen to mp3 clip) (10:40) Featuring Kim Wilson
  3. Feel Like Goin On (6:40)
  4. Abandoned (7:16) Featuring Kim Wilson
  5. Walkin On The Sea (6:25)
  6. Black & White (5:59) Featuring Kim Wilson
  7. Kay My Dear (8:49)
  8. Maxwell, Mudcat, and Per (4:58)
  9. My Buddy Buddy Friends (3:43) Featuring Kim Wilson
  10. Walter Through Kim (5:09)
  11. #7 (5:49)
  12. The Magic Of Sam (3:50)

I Feel Like Goin' On

I Feel Like Goin
SPCD 1289
Genre: Blues
Released: 25 February 2003
  1. Hey Jose (Listen to mp3 clip) (5:12)
  2. Blues For Otis Rush (8:29)
  3. Little Johnny Lee (6:33)
  4. Wolf Dance (6:23)
  5. Mary Don't You Weep (6:46)
  6. Howlin' For My Darlin' (7:44)
  7. Blues For The Homeless (11:21)
  8. Big Walter (5:35)
  9. Alone With The Blues (4:26)
  10. Travelin' Heavy (4:48)
  11. Donna (7:21)