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Catalog # Artist Title Genre price
SPCD1404Manx Marriner Mainline Hellbound For Heaven Blues14.99cart add
SPCD1317Stony Plain RecordsAnniversaries 30 Years of Stony Plain 2CDs + DVD Roots25.00cart add
SPCD1266Billy BoyArnold Boogie 'n' Shuffle Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1378Billy BoyArnold The Blues Soul Of Billy Boy Arnold Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1251 Asleep At The Wheel Pasture Prime Country20.00cart add
SPCD1376Long JohnBaldry Long John Baldry - The Best Of The Stony Plain Years Blues15.00cart add
SPCD1275Long JohnBaldry Remembering Leadbelly Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1232Long JohnBaldry Right To Sing The Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1163Long JohnBaldry It Still Ain't Easy Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1192Long JohnBaldry On Stage Tonight - Baldry's Out! Blues20.00cart add
SPDD0006Long JohnBaldry Live In Berlin 1992 [Digital Only EP] Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1268Long JohnBaldry Long John Baldry Trio-Live Blues20.00cart add
SPCD 1311Long JohnBaldry Everything Stops For Tea Blues 20.00cart add
SPCD1310Long JohnBaldry It Ain't Easy Blues 20.00cart add
SPCD1379EricBibb Blues People Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1360EricBibb Deeper In The Well Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1402EricBibb Global Griot Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1395EricBibb Migration Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1370EricBibb Jericho Road Blues/World20.00cart add
SPDD0009YanaBibb Afternoon In Paris Jazzn/aunavailable
SPDD0008YanaBibb Not A Minute Too Late Jazzn/aunavailable
SPCD1362EricBibb & Habib Koité Brothers In Bamako World/Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1387EricBibb & JJ Milteau Lead Belly's Gold Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1318EricBibb & Leon Bibb Praising Peace A Tribute to Paul Robeson Folk/Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1390EricBibb & North Country Far with Danny Thompson The Happiest Man In The World Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1369RoryBlock Avalon: A Tribute To Mississippi John Hurt Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1359RoryBlock I Belong To The Band: A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1329RoryBlock Blues Walkin' Like A Man: A Tribute To Son House Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1373RoryBlock Hard Luck Child: A Tribute To Skip James Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1399S1RoryBlock Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer - Single Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1393RoryBlock Keepin' Outta Trouble: A Tribute To Bukka White Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1344RoryBlock Shake 'Em On Down: A Tribute To Mississippi Fred McDowell Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1399S2RoryBlock Need a Little Sugar in my Bowl - Single Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1399RoryBlock A Woman's Soul: A Tribute to Bessie Smith Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1397KevinBreit Johnny Goldtooth and the Chevy Casanovas Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1219JimByrnes That River Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1248JimByrnes Burning/I Turned My Nights Into Days Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1081BobCarpenter Silent Passage S/Sn/aunavailable
SPDD0005BobCarpenter Eight Demos 1979 [Digital Only] S/Sn/aunavailable
SPCD1197RitaChiarelli Just Gettin' Started Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1236RitaChiarelli What A Night - Live! Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1194CindyChurch Love On The Range Country20.00cart add
SPCD1209CindyChurch Just A Little Rain Country20.00cart add
SPCD1235CindyChurch Cindy Church S/S20.00cart add
SPCD1246DavidClayton-Thomas Blue Plate Special Blues/Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1229 Crowbar Some Of The Best Of Crowbar Rockn/aunavailable
SPCD1221 Crowbar Bad Manors: Crowbar's Golden Hits Blues/Rockn/aunavailable
SPCD1238 Crowbar Larger Than Life Rockn/aunavailable
SPCD1029 Crowcuss Starting To Show Rockn/aunavailable
SPCD1017 Crowcuss Crowcuss Rockn/aunavailable
SPCD1338RodneyCrowell Sex And Gasoline Roots20.00cart add
SPCD1139 Downchild Gone Fishing Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1242 Downchild Been So Long & Ready To Go Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1347RonnieEarl Spread The Love blues20.00cart add
SPCD1340RonnieEarl Living In The Light Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1396RonnieEarl The Luckiest Man Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1391RonnieEarl Maxwell Street Blues20.00cart add
SPDVD1326RonnieEarl Hope Radio Sessions DVD Blues25.00cart add
SPCD1372RonnieEarl Good News Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1298RonnieEarl Now My Soul Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1289RonnieEarl I Feel Like Goin' On Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1324RonnieEarl Hope Radio Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1385RonnieEarl Father's Day Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1363RonnieEarl Just For Today Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1215SteveEarle Train A Comin' Country/Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1241GaryFjellgaard The Best Of Gary Fjellgaard Country20.00cart add
SPCD1226GaryFjellgaard Under Western Skies Country20.00cart add
SPCD1321GaryFjellgaard & Valdy Contenders Two - Still In The Running Folk20.00cart add
SPCD1262GaryFjellgaard & Valdy Contenders Folk20.00cart add
SPCD1288ChrisFlory Blues In My Heart Jazz/Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1398SueFoley The Ice Queen Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1398S1SueFoley Come To Me - Single Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1398S2SueFoley The Ice Queen - Single Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1398S3SueFoley The Lucky Ones - Single Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1233LowellFulson W/ Powder Blues Band Blue Shadows Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1330AmosGarrett Get Way Back: A Tribute To Percy Mayfield Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1189AmosGarrett Amosbehavin' Blues/Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1225AmosGarrett Off The Floor - Live Blues/Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1179AmosGarrett Third Man In Blues/Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1368AmosGarrett Jazzblues (Amos Garrett Jazz Trio) Blues/Jazz20.00cart add
SPCD1132AmosGarrett I Make My Home In My Shoes Blues/Rock20.00cart add
SPDD0007AmosGarrett The Christmas Song - Single [Digital Only] Jazzn/aunavailable
SPCD 1299AmosGarrett Acoustic Album Blues20.00cart add
SPCD 1296AmosGarrett, Doug Sahm, Gene Taylor The Return Of The Formerly Brothers Blues n/aunavailable
SPCD1306JayGeils Jay Geils Plays Jazz Blues 20.00cart add
SPCD1267RoscoGordon Memphis Tennessee Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1162 Grievous Angels One Job Town Folkn/aunavailable
SPCD1381 Guitar Heroes: James Burton, Albert Lee, Amos Garrett, David Wilcox Guitar Heroes Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1001PaulHann Another Tumbleweed Folkn/aunavailable
SPCD1000PaulHann A Fine, White Thread Folkn/aunavailable
SPCD1003PaulHann Paul Hann Folkn/aunavailable
SPCD1028PaulHann High Test [Live] Folkn/aunavailable
SPCD1253EmmylouHarris Spyboy S/S20.00cart add
SPCD1333JeffHealey Mess Of Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1380JeffHealey The Best Of the Stony Plain Years: Vintage Jazz, Swing and Blues Jazz15.00cart add
SPCD1312JeffHealey Among Friends Jazz20.00cart add
SPCD1335JeffHealey Last Call Traditional Jazz20.00cart add
SPCD1343JeffHealey Songs From The Road Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1313JeffHealey Adventures In Jazzland Jazz20.00cart add
SPCD1314JeffHealey And The Jazz Wizards It's Tight Like That Jazz20.00cart add
SPDVD1348JeffHealey And The Jazz Wizards Beautiful Noise DVD Jazz25.00cart add
SPCD1223 Holmes Brothers Lotto Land Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1365TimHus Western Star Roots20.00cart add
SPCD1336TimHus Bush Pilot Buckaroo Country20.00cart add
SPCD1351TimHus Hockeytown Roots20.00cart add
SPCD1276DougJames Blow Mr. Low Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1263KristiJohnston That Would Be Fine Blues15.00cart add
SPCD1201 Jr. Gone Wild Simple Little Wish Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1181 Jr. Gone Wild Pull The Goalie Rockn/aunavailable
SPCD1160 Jr. Gone Wild Too Dumb To Quit Rockn/aunavailable
SPCD1279Chris ThomasKing Legend Of Tommy Johnson Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1210 King Biscuit Boy (Richard Newell) Urban Blues Re:Newell Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1120 King Biscuit Boy (Richard Newell) AKA King Biscuit Boy Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1386ColinLinden Rich In Love Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1405ColinLinden Amour Blues14.98cart add
SPCD1214ProfessorLonghair Fess' Gumbo Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1284CorbLund Five Dollar Bill Country20.00cart add
SPCD1309CorbLund Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer Country20.00cart add
SPCD1327CorbLund Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier! Country/Roots20.00cart add
SPCD1297CharlieMajor Inside Out Country20.00cart add
SPCD1320HarryManx and Kevin Breit In Good We Trust World/Folk20.00cart add
SPCD1352HarryManx and Kevin Breit Strictly Whatever World/Folk20.00cart add
SPCD1213EllenMcilwaine The Real (1975)/Everybody Needs It (1982) Blues/Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1110EllenMcilwaine Looking For Trouble Blues/Rockn/aunavailable
SPDD0004Big DaveMcLean Gone [Digital single] Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1249Big DaveMcLean For The Blues..."Always" Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1290Big DaveMcLean Blues From The Middle Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1334Big DaveMcLean Acoustic Blues: Got 'Em From The Bottom Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1315JayMcshann Hootie Blues Blues Jazz 20.00cart add
SPCD1237JayMcshann Hootie's Jumpin' Blues Jazz/Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1254JayMcshann Still Jumpin' The Blues Jazz/Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1286JayMcshann Goin' to Kansas City Jazz/Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1377 MonkeyJunk Tiger In Your Tank (2014 Reissue) Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1394 MonkeyJunk Time To Roll Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1382 MonkeyJunk Moon Turn Red Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1356 MonkeyJunk To Behold Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1366 MonkeyJunk All Frequencies Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1183MariaMuldaur Sweet And Slow Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1346MariaMuldaur Steady Love Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1332MariaMuldaur Garden Of Joy Blues/Folk20.00cart add
SPCD1270MariaMuldaur Richland Woman Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1319MariaMuldaur Naughty, Bawdy and Blue Blues 20.00cart add
SPCD1358MariaMuldaur ....First Came Memphis Minnie Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1304MariaMuldaur Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1188MariaMuldaur Jazzabelle Jazz Vocaln/aunavailable
SPCD1328 New Guitar Summit Shivers Blues20.00cart add
SPCD 1301 New Guitar Summit New Guitar Summit Jazz/Blues20.00cart add
SPDVD1302 New Guitar Summit Live From Stoneham Theatre DVD Jazz/Blues25.00cart add
SPCD1243ThePaperboys Molinos Celtic Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1264ThePaperboys Postcards Celtic Rock20.00cart add
BOOK0002HolgerPetersen Talking Music 2: Blues and Roots Mavericks Roots25.00cart add
BOOK0001HolgerPetersen Talking Music: Blues Radio and Roots Music [Book] Roots25.00cart add
SPCD1388PaulReddick Ride The One Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1257SonnyRhodes Blue Diamond Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1273SonnyRhodes Good Day To Play The Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1293DukeRobillard Exalted Lover Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1277DukeRobillard Living With The Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1195DukeRobillard Duke's Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1265DukeRobillard Explorer Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1331DukeRobillard A Swingin' Session With Duke Robillard Blues/Swing20.00cart add
SPCD1259DukeRobillard New Blues For Modern Man Blues20.00cart add
SPDVD1308DukeRobillard Live at the Blackstone River Theatre DVD Blues 25.00cart add
SPCD1323DukeRobillard World Full Of Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1392DukeRobillard Blues Full Circle Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1383DukeRobillard The Acoustic Blues & Roots of Duke Robillard Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1342DukeRobillard Stomp! The Blues Tonight Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1316DukeRobillard Guitar Groove-A-Rama Blues 20.00cart add
SPCD1357DukeRobillard Low Down And Tore Up Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1303DukeRobillard The Duke Meets The Earl Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1349DukeRobillard Passport to the Blues blues20.00cart add
SPCD1374DukeRobillard Calling All Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1300DukeRobillard Blue Mood Blues 20.00cart add
SPDD0001DukeRobillard Outtakes and Oddities: The Unheard Duke Robillard [Digital album] Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1250DukeRobillard Stretchin' Out Live Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1260DukeRobillard Conversations in Swing Guitar Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1292DukeRobillard More Conversations In Swing Guitar Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1364DukeRobillard Independently Blue Blues20.00cart add
SPDD0002DukeRobillard Rehab [Digital single] Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD 1258TheRockin' Highliners OH MY! Blues/Rock20.00cart add
SPCD1224Jo-ElSonnier Live In Canada Blues/Cajun20.00cart add
SPCD1204 South Mountain Where There's A Will Country20.00cart add
SPCD1098 Spirit Of The West Tripping Up The Stairs Folk15.00cart add
SPCD1123 Spirit Of The West Labour Day Folk15.00cart add
SPCD1141 Spirit Of The West Old Material (1984 - 1986) Folk15.00cart add
SPCD1341 Sunny And Her Joy Boys Introducing Sunny And Her Joy Boys Blues/Jazz20.00cart add
SPCD1294RosettaTharpe Shout, Sister, Shout (A Tribute To Sister Rosetta Tharpe) Pop20.00cart add
SPDD0010IanTyson You Should Have Known Countryn/aunavailable
SPCD1384IanTyson Carnero Vaquero Country20.00cart add
SPCD1367IanTyson All The Good 'Uns Vol. 2 (Greatest Hits) Country20.00cart add
SPCD1177IanTyson One Jump Ahead Of The Devil Country15.00cart add
SPCD1193IanTyson Eighteen Inches Of Rain Country20.00cart add
SPCD1255IanTyson Lost Herd Cowboy20.00cart add
SPCD1102IanTyson Cowboyography Country20.00cart add
SPCD1168IanTyson And Stood There Amazed Country20.00cart add
SPCD1131IanTyson I Outgrew The Wagon Country20.00cart add
SPCD1322IanTyson The Gift - A Tribute To Ian Tyson (Various Artists) Country20.00cart add
SPCD1339IanTyson Yellowhead to Yellowstone and other Love Stories Country20.00cart add
SPCD1234IanTyson All The Good 'Uns (Greatest Hits) Cowboy20.00cart add
SPCD1282IanTyson Live At Longview Country20.00cart add
SPCD1361IanTyson Raven Singer Country20.00cart add
SPCD1307IanTyson Old Corrals And Sagebrush & Other Cowboy Culture Classics Country20.00cart add
SPCD1295IanTyson Ol' Eon Country15.00cart add
SPCD1305IanTyson Songs From The Gravel Road Country20.00cart add
SPCD1140SylviaTyson You Were On My Mind Country20.00cart add
BPCD8006 Various White Line Flyers Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1354 Various 35 Years of Stony Plain [2 CDs + Bonus DVD] Roots25.00cart add
JR20003 Various Strike A Deep Chord: Blues Guitars For The Homeless Bluesn/aunavailable
BPCD8007 Various If This Is Love...I'd Rather Have The Blues Bluesn/aunavailable
BPCD8005 Various Bare Blues Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1400 Various 40 Years of Stony Plain [3 CDs] Roots25.00cart add
BPCD2003 Various Blind Pig 30th Anniversary 2 CD's & DVD Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1269 Various Stony Plain's Christmas Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1230 Various 20 Years Of Stony Plain 2CD Set Roots25.00cart add
SPCD1190 Various Blind Pig; Prime Chops Vol 1 Bluesn/aunavailable
BPCD8002 Various Blind Pig; Prime Chops Vol 2 Bluesn/aunavailable
BPCD2002 Various Blind Pig 25th Anniverasry 2CD's & Bonus CD-ROM Bluesn/aunavailable
BPCD2001 Various Blind Pig 20th Anniversary 2CD Set Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1166 Various 15 Years Of Stony Plain 2CD Set Rootsn/aunavailable
SPCD1244 Various Absolute Blues Vol. 1 Blues10.00cart add
SPCD1245 Various Absolute Blues Vol. 2 Blues10.00cart add
SPCD1287 Various Davinci's Inquest Blues/Jazz20.00cart add
SPCD1274 Various 25 Years Of Stony Plain 2CD Set Roots25.00cart add
BPCD8003 Various Blind Pig; Prime Chops Vol 3 Bluesn/aunavailable
CDM1038 Various Watermelon Sampler Variousn/aunavailable
CDM1052 Various Threadgill's Supper Session Vol 2 S/Sn/aunavailable
JR20011 Various Justice Country Countryn/aunavailable
SPCD1353Joe LouisWalker Blues Conspiracy: Live On The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1337Joe LouisWalker Witness To The Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1345Joe LouisWalker Between A Rock And The Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1375Joe LouisWalker Joe Louis Walker - The Best Of The Stony Plain Years Blues15.00cart add
SPCD1355Kenny 'Blues Boss'Wayne An Old Rock On A Roll Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1371Kenny 'Blues Boss'Wayne Rollin' With The Blues Boss Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1401Kenny 'Blues Boss'Wayne Inspired by the Blues Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1389Kenny 'Blues Boss'Wayne Jumpin' & Boppin' Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1401S1Kenny 'Blues Boss'Wayne Start Rockin' - Single Bluesn/aunavailable
SPCD1271DavidWilcox Rhythm Of Love Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1283DavidWilcox Rockin the Boogie "Best of Blues and Boogie" Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1325DavidWilcox Boy In The Boat Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1252JimmyWitherspoon Jimmy Witherspoon with The Duke Robillard Band Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1231JimmyWitherspoon With The Junior Mance Trio Jazz/Blues20.00cart add
SPCD1211JimmyWitherspoon Spoon's Blues Blues20.00cart add